What we say and how we think really does matter to God. In this sermon we challenge ourselves to make sure that the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts are truly pleasing to Christ.
Pastor Ben Muro talks about how the church is to reflect the love of Christ in our series on The Church
We are continuing our series on The Church by exploring the book of Galatians
We cover what it means to love God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength
This week we take a look at what makes God joyful and how that overflows into us
Christ encourages the church to be peacemakers... but why and how do we do that?
This weeks "My Story..." message speaks to the importance of the family and God's continued love toward us
It is our prayer that you will be ministered by the launch of The Church Denver's new sermon series, "My Story..."
Witness how Christ unifies a divided church and greatness is birthed in the exploration of this dynamic book
God has a perfect plan for your life that was preordained from the beginning of time.
Join us as we explore Romans, A Sovereign God Unifies a Divided Church
Christ commanded his followers to have love toward one another so that world would know they were His disciples. In this sermon we explore what is means to actually follow this commandment
In this sermon we cover the 3rd pillar of The Church Denver, Service to the Community, and we visit the warning Christ gave about guarding our hearts from self-serving motives
Not everyone is born with a great family name or heritage, but that doesn't matter to God who desires to promote his children into greatness
In this first sermon of 2018 we explore what it means to be Intimate with God
In our final installment of The Table, a series on Thankfulness, we unpack the invitation our Father has for us for a feast at His table.

This week in our series on thankfulness we ask the question, "Do we have an Attitude of Gratitude?" Check out our latest sermon in this life changing series

Thankfulness can be a weapon against the enemy, and we dive deep into this truth as The Church Denver kicks off our new sermon series, The Table... A Series on Thankfulness.